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"We don’t just produce food. We produce nutrition for mankind." - Steve Tuttle


We are farmers, practicing sustainable farming methods in harmony with nature. Our motivation is to help feed our world with healthy, nutritious protein choices.


We farm insects - crickets and black soldier fly, which in turn become an important protein feed component for our animals.

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What is Bugs Life Protein Farm?

Bugslife Protein is a protein farm  where we grow various protein sources like chicken and eggs for human consumption and insects as feed for animals. We grow high quality protein and feed and believe in sustaining the virtuous cycle so the chicken excrete manure, which is fed to the insects, and the insects convert the manure and excess feeds waste into protein.

The insects are harvested before they mature at the larvae stage and this forms excellent protein feed supplement for chickens pigs and fish. Our chicken have benefitted for this rich protein supplement and have yellow rich egg

What  are some of the products you produce at  Bugs Life?

The insect department produces several products for use by farmers

  • Bsf larvae for feed
  • Bsf eggs for breeding 
  • Cricket dry for feeding kukus just crush and mix with normal feeds 
  • Cricket eggs for breeding
  • The Bsf larvae as they feed on the waste they excrete a fine manure which is perfect soil manure

What is the difference between chicken that feed on insects and those that feed on regular feeds?

In contrast to the broiler meat pumped with hormones and salt we do not add any artificial chemicals in our feeds and wait for our birds to attain maturity from 4.5 months.

How do you use the BSF larvae?

As the Bsf larvae feed on the waste they excrete a fine manure which is perfect soil manure

What are the prices for your products?

For human consumption we have chicken meat at Ksh. 450/kg
Fertilized eggs for hatching Ksh. 650
Table eggs for eating Ksh. 350
Chicks One month old Ksh. 250



Email: bugslifefarm@gmail.com

Tel : +254 796 728874

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